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[1] Abortion laws by state, explained

[2] LA mayor pleads for wealthy to help buy housing for the homeless: 'Unprecedented partnership'

[3] Videos: Kansas City Police Release Paroled Pedophile Despite Admission of Child Porn on Phone: Outra

[4] Oregon Declares War On Family Farms

[5] Michigan protesters yell ‘Death to America’ in raging rally held in Rashida Tlaib’s district

[6] The Wheels Come Off the Woke Agenda in Massachusetts

[7] Michigan Democrats regain full control of state government for first time in 40 years

[8] Residents of this state pay $987,117 in lifetime taxes. Guess which one?

[9] Denver Mayor: ‘We Want to Be a Welcoming City’ for Migrants, That ‘Requires Shared Sacrifice’


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