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[1] Gretchen Whitmer Accused of ‘Leveraging’ Her Office for ‘Personal Benefit’ in Private Plane Scandal

[2] Chicago Releases 1,000 Feral Cats in Desperate Bid to Control Rat Infestation

[3] 31 Missouri Judges Recuse Themselves from Lawsuit Alleging Family Court Guardian and Psychologists O

[4] Does James Craig Have A Real Shot At Beating Whitmer?

[5] Gretchen Whitmer orders Canadian company to shut down oil pipeline despite widespread fuel shortages

[6] Georgia Becomes 13th State To Reject Unemployment Benefits Extension

[7] The GOP's Nominee for Virginia Lieutenant Governor, Winsome Sears, Just BLASTED Critical Race Theory

[8] Minneapolis Mayor Comes to Striking Conclusion That Defunding the Police Increased Crime

[9] Baltimore will now send "counselors" to some 911 calls


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