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[1] Time to Withdraw from the U.N. Refugee Treaty

[2] Biden ATF Nominee ‘Frustrated’ By First Amendment Freedom Of Gun Owners To Say Things He Doesn’t Lik

[3] The CDC's Hysterical Delta Flip-Flop Might Be Its Final Undoing

[4] Tucker Says Kinzinger ‘Hasn’t Cried This Hard Since He Drank Too Much Rosé’ While Watching ‘The Bach

[5] AOC now claims she thought she was going to be raped on 1/6

[6] Get Ready for the Whiplash With What CDC Director Says About 'Two Weeks'

[7] The Left Essentially Exists To Make Your Entire Life Worse

[8] Nolte: I’m Beginning to Regret My Decision to Get Vaccinated

[9] Congress Has Refused To Enforce Perjury, And Now People Like Fauci Lie To Them Constantly


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