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[1] As a Reward For Destroying Thousands of CA Businesses, Gavin Newsom Will Get a Pay Raise

[2] Oakland, California Begins Guaranteed Income Program: ‘Invest in Justice,’ ‘Change the System’

[3] LA County Election Fraud

[4] No Other Democrat: The Potentially Fatal Flaw in Democrats’ Recall Strategy

[5] California prepares for more West Coast space launches

[6] Alameda County’s new COVID death toll is 25% lower than thought

[7] Gavin Newsom Says He Will Not Lift California State Of Emergency, Give Up Emergency Powers On June 1

[8] NorCal's first Legoland is about to open, and there's a 1M-brick re-creation of the Bay Area

[9] Anti-vaccine protesters, dressed up as Marvel superheroes, camp out in front of Disneyland


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