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[1] Newsom pressured to tap black woman to replace deteriorating Feinstein; Oprah reportedly on short li

[2] San Fran progs went to war over "family" - how'd that go?

[3] California man returns library book 96 years after due date: ‘Never too late’

[4] Daniel Saldana exonerated after spending 33 years behind bars for wrongful attempted murder convicti

[5] University of California sued for mandating DEI statements from applicants

[6] San Fran Mayor London Breed, city leaders booed out of drug-infested UN Plaza

[7] Pushback: California loses big for trying to force churches to violate their religious beliefs

[8] Woke LA DA George Gascón has 10,000-case backlog, ‘toxic’ attitude driving staff away: sources

[9] California to BAN Skittles in state where children can get sex changes without parents approval


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