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[1] Should California Become an Independent Country on its Own?

[2] Anti-gay ‘No U-turn’ signs come down in LA’s LGBTQ-friendly Silver Lake

[3] California Reparations Committee Demands $5 Million For Planning Alone

[4] Furious Californians Turn on Gavin Newsom After Boastful Post Backfires

[5] County considers buying air purifiers for homes in pollution-ridden Tijuana River Valley

[6] How California’s ‘neo-feudal reality’ became a warning to the world: ‘A new dominant class of oligar

[7] A committee has approved a bill to distribute up to $800 BILLION for slavery reparations.

[8] What 9th Circuit Ruling Reinstating Challenge to LAUSD's Employee Vaccine Mandate Means

[9] Massive California residential tower to offer homeless private rooms, gym, cafe and more amenities


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