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[1] California Fleeing

[2] Gavin Newsom Rebuked by California Newspaper: 'Should Be Ashamed'

[3] Californians Protest Fast Food Price Rises by Spending Elsewhere: ‘I Feel Ripped Off’

[4] California’s $20 Minimum Wage Brings More Bad News for Golden Staters

[5] 25 Grim Reasons the Wealthy Are Fleeing California

[6] McDonald’s on the Verge of CLOSING in California After $20 Minimum Wage

[7] San Francisco sheriff's union compares overtime to slavery as members make $200k-plus in OT a year

[8] Newsom Slashes 10,000 More Jobs in New Budget Proposal

[9] Oakland Can't Stop Traffic Light Theft ~ Actual Justice Warrior (Video)


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