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[1] Fury at $113K price of San Francisco's homeless cabins

[2] California Is Taking On Huge Debts To Pay Jobless Workers As Its Deficit Gets Bigger

[3] California legislators water down bill making buying child prostitutes a felony

[4] Gov. Newsom and California show why liberals can't be trusted with the economy

[5] Audit: California Lost Track of $24 Billion Spent to Combat Homelessness

[6] County approves $25-million settlement for deaf, autistic man shot by deputies in his living room

[7] California Banned Plastic Bags 10 Years Ago, and It Backfired. Now They Are Doubling Down.

[8] Major US lake expected to completely fill after years of historic drought: 'We're feeling very good'

[9] The Results of California’s New $20 Fast Food Minimum Wage Are Already In


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