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[1] Trump was RIGHT! California will spend $500 MILLION this year to thin its 33 million acres of forest

[2] Appeals court blocks overturning of California ‘assault weapons’ ban

[3] California to Use Federal Money to Pay All Back Rent for Low-Income Residents

[4] San Jose Mayor's genius plan to tax guns out of existence

[5] Los Angeles Mayor Unveils Reparations Plan, Says George Soros’ Foundation Would Help Fund It

[6] 42,000 pounds of missing pistachios leads to possible illegal pistachio operation

[7] San Francisco Supervisor: ‘We’re Putting More Resources’ into Police Because Police Presence Decreas

[8] Gavin Newsom Assaulted by ‘Aggressive’ Homeless Man on Oakland Street

[9] Police investigating attempt to steal SF school board recall petitions


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