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[1] Reinventing China's abortion police - BBC

[2] Donald Trump Makes Huge Pro-Life Hire

[3] Planned Parenthood Bashes Donald Trump: “Disgusting” That “He Wants Abortion Outlawed” - LifeNews

[4] Check what has happened on campuses these past two weeks - Students For Life

[5] Pro-Life Leader to Donald Trump: Babies Conceived in Rape No ‘Less Worthy’ of Protection

[6] Sanders: I’d use Justice Department “to go after” state pro-life laws - Live Action News

[7] Abortion Activists Target Pro-Life Chair for Ted Cruz With Lies, Falsely Claim He Supports Violence - Life News

[8] Pro-life group invites Trump to ‘Being Pro-Life 101’ educational course

[9] Another violent act against pro-life sidewalk counselors, are they on the increase?


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