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[1] Planned Parenthood Annual Report: Record Revenue, 374K+ Abortions

[2] KFD: Baby placed in Safe Haven box 30 minutes after birth

[3] Career abortionist admits most late-term abortions he performs involve healthy babies and mothers; u

[4] 10 Years Later, Would Gosnell’s ‘House Of Horrors’ Be The Norm In Post-Roe America?

[5] Pro-Life Bills Fail in Republican-Controlled Nebraska, South Carolina

[6] Goldberg: Those Who Believe Abortion Is Taking Life Are Self-Righteous — ‘Respect that I Have a Diff

[7] ‘Attacking America’: Kamala Harris Says Pro-Life Policies Target ‘Our Democracy’ At Abortion Rally

[8] Federal judge blocks abortion pill approval

[9] Far-left students scream 'F**k pro-lifers' after hijacking anti-abortion event at Virginia universit


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