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[1] Woman: “I’ve Had Five Abortions Because I Love Getting Pregnant But Don’t Want Kids”

[2] Judge denies Planned Parenthood's request to dismiss video-based lawsuit

[3] Kentucky baby is 50th to be saved by a Safe Haven Baby Box

[4] Report: More Than 171,000 Women Went Out of State for Abortions in 2023

[5] Research Confirms 95.9% of Abortions are Killing Babies as Birth Control, Just .4% for Rape

[6] Maher: Abortion ‘Kind of Is’ Murder, ‘I’m Just Okay With That’

[7] Biden Gets Pro-Life Advocate Lauren Handy Thrown in Prison for 57 Months for Protesting Abortion

[8] When abortion law isn’t the topic, everyone admits it’s a heartbeat

[9] Report: 2023 Saw Highest Number of Abortions in ‘More Than a Decade’


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