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[1] New Children’s Book Tries to Normalize Killing Babies in Abortions

[2] Is 15-Week-Old Baby Human? Sen. Blumenthal: ‘I’m Going to Wait for the Court Decision’

[3] First-ever 'Men's March to End Abortion' Held in DC as Hundreds Pray for Pro-Life Cause

[4] Abortions Stop at Lubbock, Texas Planned Parenthood as ‘Sanctuary City’ Ordinance Takes Effect

[5] Tim Kaine Compares Catholic Teaching on Abortion to ‘Sharia Law’

[6] Group launches $2M TV campaign to highlight the humanity of unborn children

[7] Planned Parenthood Head Johnson Vows to ‘Fight’ for Abortion — Criticizes GOP’s ‘Diabolical Restrict

[8] Texas governor signs 'fetal heartbeat' abortion bill

[9] Mother's Day


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