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[1] Texas can keep Rio Grande floating barriers for now, appeals court rules

[2] Despite Media Pearl-Clutching, Paxton Has A Clear Path To Beating Impeachment

[3] One Soros DA Gone, Another Targeted

[4] Federal judge orders Texas to remove floating border barrier. Abbott immediately appeals the ruling.

[5] Short-staffed Austin police urge robbery victims not to call 911 as crime ravages city

[6] Texas Shakes Up Drunk Driving Laws: Kill a Parent—Pay Child Support

[7] 'Where ambition goes to die': These tech workers flocked to Austin during the pandemic. Now they're

[8] Massive wildfire breaks out in Walker County, Texas - with THOUSANDS urged to evacuate their homes

[9] AG Ken Paxton Seeks to Quash Impeachment Following ‘Gag Order’.


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