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[1] Bidenomics: Fast Food Costs Soar — McChicken up 199%, Frosty up 111%, Taco Bell Burrito up 132%

[2] Fed officials worried inflation too stubborn to justify rate cut

[3] Yellen: Inflation Has Fallen, I Think ‘It Will Stabilize in the Next Year or So’

[4] Most Americans Say We’re In A Recession—And Blame Biden

[5] High inflation is still a burden to Americans – especially parents, Fed survey shows

[6] Top 10 Reasons Why The National Debt Matters

[7] Conservative group partners with gas stations to highlight 'Biden's war on American energy': Here's

[8] White House on Biden’s 9% Inflation Claims: We Had 9% Inflation Soon After He Took Office, The Facto

[9] DOW 40,000


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