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[1] 8 Million Face Foreclosure or Eviction Beginning July 1 -- Economic Recovery Is About to Crash

[2] Dow sinks 400 points on ‘quad witching’ Friday, benchmark on verge of 5th straight loss

[3] These corporations offer scholarship programs based on race

[4] A US oil company cut nearly 2,000 jobs – and reaped $2.1bn in pandemic benefits

[5] Weekly jobless claims rise for first time since April

[6] Gas Prices Jump Again As Crude Oil Hit Highest Price in Nearly 3 Years

[7] Wholesale prices jump 6.6% in the fastest rise on record as soaring inflation threatens economic rec

[8] Climate czar John Kerry wrong again: SD wind turbine plant to shut doors, 300 jobs lost

[9] Southwest Airlines grounds its entire fleet amid giant computer outage


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