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[1] Putin To Xi: "We Support Chinese Yuan Use With Asia, Africa, Latin America"

[2] Moving from China to Mexico: Manufacturing and maquiladoras

[3] Silicon Valley Bank meltdown sparks contagion fears: ‘We found our Enron’

[4] Why woke ‘Frisco Fed chief missed Silicon Valley Bank’s warning signs

[5] Ohio pizza shop says hanging 'Now hiring non-stupid people' sign served its purpose

[6] Every hiking cycle over the last 70 years ends in recession or a financial crisis.

[7] Anatomy of the Banking Crisis of 2023 (Jeffrey A. Tucker)

[8] No Cause for Alarm: Janet Yellen to Reassure Congress U.S. Banking System ‘Remains Sound’

[9] Inflation declines to 6% in February in sigh of relief for economy


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