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[1] Nearly two-thirds of middle-class Americans say they are struggling financially: 'Gasping for air'

[2] Biden unveils latest attempt to kill off gas cars in bid to force all Americans to switch to EVs by

[3] LARRY KUDLOW: 'Look under the hood' of Biden's May jobs report and you'll see the problem

[4] Fake News Media Hypes Up Latest Jobs Report to Help Joe Biden – But Here’s the Truth

[5] Overheating: U.S. Economy Added 272,000 Jobs In May, Shutting Door On Rate Cuts Early This Summer

[6] Boeing whistleblower calls for halt of 787 Dreamliner production, says jet could ‘drop to the ground

[7] Gas prices: Continue to fall heading into the weekend

[8] Another retailer bans American Express, joining revolt led by Costco

[9] Economy is slowing much faster than the Fed expected: Mohamed El-Erian


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