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[1] Investments

[2] Former WaMu CEO sees a housing bubble forming because the Fed is ‘hooked’ on low interest rates

[3] Why China’s digital yuan is ‘largest threat to the West’ in past 30 or 40 years, according to Kyle B

[4] Tesla is stuck with over 10,000 cars on factory hold, resulting in a logistical nightmare

[5] McDonald’s Boosting Average U.S. Wages to $17 an Hour to Recruit Workers

[6] Joe Biden Adviser Mistakenly Claims ‘Easter Was in March’ to Explain Low Employment Numbers

[7] White House Says It Was Surprised by Inflation Jump

[8] Dow slumps 500 points amid inflation concern, Nasdaq drops 2.5%

[9] Here’s How Biden’s Spending Could Become A Hidden Tax On Everything You Purchase


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