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[1] Opinions on AMAC, other senior-citizen retirement organizations?

[2] Southwest Florida Football Coach Cusses Out Football Player. Watch What Happens Next

[3] Country Superstar John Rich to Rolling Stone: Pound Sand

[4] Paperwork “Blunder” Gives An Illegal Alien Chance To Murder Innocent American – Here Are The Detail

[5] Thought For The Day by John Jaeger, MBA

[6] The Great Dechurching looks at why people are leaving churches

[7] People Irate About Cowboy’s Blunt Sign, Try To Remove It — BIG Mistake

[8] Video: Freaky Lights Were Really in the Sky Right Before the Earthquake - Here's Where They Came Fro

[9] Morning Show Host Tried A Klaus Schwab Cricket For Breakfast – Her Reaction Is Straight From A Come


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