Author Topic: Hank Haney discusses life since he released his Tiger tell-all, and why he’s sworn off teaching Tour pros  (Read 634 times)

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Hank Haney discusses life since he released his Tiger tell-all, and why he’s sworn off teaching Tour pros
By Jessica Marksbury, Assistant Editor, GOLF Magazine

It’s been a year since you released The Big Miss, your much buzzed-about chronicle of your years with Tiger. Has life calmed down?
Oh yeah. It’s been great. Now that people have read the book, every day I get positive comments, so I feel really great about it. I never dreamed that I would be a New York Times No. 1 bestselling author, so it’s obviously something I’m very proud of. The message was primarily about the greatness that is Tiger Woods, the dedication, determination, all those things, what it was like to coach him. I wanted to write about my experiences. The No. 1 response that I get to the book, by far, is people saying, “I was a big Tiger Woods fan, and now I’m a bigger fan.”

How do you respond to people who say you violated Tiger’s trust by writing the book?
There’s nothing I can say. I don’t understand that thinking. I don’t think [Tiger] has an exclusive on the memories. I was writing about my experiences, my memories. There’s a long list of coaches that have written books. Does every coach who’s written a book violate somebody’s trust, or is it just me? Am I the only one? I’m not sure I understand that.

Did the level of criticism you received catch you off guard?
No, not really, because the criticism was all before the book came out. I don’t get any criticism after they’ve read the book. I had a great six years, I wanted to share my experiences. I’m asked all the time about it, about Tiger and what it was like to work with him, and what he was like as a student. I wanted to tell people. The book was a great inside look into the greatness that is Tiger Woods.

Now that you have a year’s worth of perspective, is there any part of the book you would have omitted or written differently?
No, absolutely not. I spent probably 200 hours reviewing that book, so I was very comfortable with everything [in there]. I really felt like it all related to the golfer that was Tiger, what his mindset was and all those things. There’s nothing I would have changed.

If you could say one thing to Tiger today, in person, what would it be?
Thanks for the opportunity. But I already told him that. I told him that when I left, that it was the opportunity of a lifetime. It was good for both of us. He won a lot of golf tournaments, and I had an incredible experience. I made sure I told him thank you, and he thanked me, too.

Will Tiger win another major?
I’d be shocked if Tiger didn’t win another major. He’s just too good. But having said that, he’s getting older, he’s had injuries, he’s changed his swing again. It’s a hard game. But he’s Tiger Woods, and I expect him to win every time he plays. I’m shocked every time he doesn’t win because I know how good he is.

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It should be an interesting weekend.  Both Tiger and Rory are peaking, and there are about 50 guys in the field capable of putting together a few good rounds and getting themselves into position to make a run at the most coveted piece of clothing in the world. 
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My opinion of Hank Haney really tanked after he released the book. The stuff about Tiger was inappropriate. Haney is a wealthy man, thanks to the likes of Tiger Woods. It's a shame Haney felt that was what he should do.

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The Masters never ceases to surprise, from Mike Weir to Zach Johnson to Trevor Immelman. I almost expect another "unlikely" winner this year, but hope it isn't Tiger. I'm not sure whether some of my favorite golfers are in the field this year, but still am looking forward to the TV coverage.
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Golf is a refuge for me. Coming from Northeast Ohio, having an interest in local sports teams is punishing at best. In golf, I appreciate the individual skill and I don't root against anyone. Whoever wins, that's fine by me, because that person earned it. No officials to blow a call, no teammates to hold him up, it's an individual performing at the highest level. I golf, badly, and I can appreciate their skill and what it took for them to get to that level.

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