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Obama Doesn't Want Anything Solved Right Now
« on: April 05, 2013, 06:19:19 PM »

Obama Doesn't Want Anything Solved Right Now
April 05, 2013


RUSH: One other thing about this that I think the news media is party to.  If you didn't know any better, you would believe today that Obama is really desirous of having a budget deal. And if you didn't know any better, you would think Obama is really serious about solving the immigration problem and coming to an agreement on it, even if it's everything he wants, you would think that that's what he's targeting.  And if you didn't know any better, you would think that Obama really, really does want the employment situation to improve.  And in each of these instances, I'm of the firm the belief that he does not want anything solved right now.

I don't believe he wants a solution to immigration.  I don't believe he wants a solution to the economic problems.  I don't think he wants a solution on gun control.  If you were a low-information guy or gal, and you're sitting out there consuming whatever news you get, you are probably of the opinion the president's working very hard to keep kids safe, and he wants to compromise. He wants to reach an agreement with the Republicans, and he wants to make guns harder to get for bad guys, you probably believe all of that, when in fact that's not what he wants.  Obama doesn't want a solution to any of this because these are all campaign issues.  It would never happen, but the Republicans could as a test offer him everything he's asking for.  He would reject it.

Boehner did this, by the way, in one of the fiscal cliff or rolling budget negotiation issues, be it continuing resolution or what have you.  Gave him everything he wanted and Obama said, nope, you know what, I want $500 billion more in tax increases, and he blew up the deal.  Just like one year Yasser Arafat was making demands of Clinton for peace in the Middle East.  Clinton gave Arafat everything he wanted.  Arafat said, "Nope," and retreated into his home in falafel or wherever it is and just checked out.  It's same thing with President Obama.  I'm telling you, he nor the Democrats want a solution.

I really mean that, folks.  I really, really don't think the president wants immigration deal right now.  If this Gang of Eight came up with something and the House came up with something that is workable, real boarder security.  You know how I know this?  Big Sis, Janet Napolitano, has already torpedoed one of the first requirements of the Gang of Eight, and that is border security, 'cause, I'm telling you, without that, there is no end to immigration.  We could legalize the 11 or 12 million here, whatever number it is, but if the border is not locked down and not made secure, here come the next 11, and it's all academic. It's not a solution to anything.

The president doesn't want that, and Big Sis said she doesn't want that.  They're all saying no way we're gonna tie border security to this.  They're torpedoing it.  The problem is that there are some Republicans in the Gang of Eight who don't care about it either, although they say so, but there's some Republicans in the Gang of Eight who will take an immigration deal tomorrow no matter how bad it is.  But Rubio is holding out.  Border security is his big deal.  My point with all this is that every one of us, as consumers of news, are actually being insulted, 'cause there isn't any news.  It's all the Democrat agenda.  The narrative every day is the Democrat agenda.  The narrative every day is the success of the Obama administration.

The news every day is how the Republicans are a bunch of screw ups.  The news every day is whatever's going wrong is the Republicans' fault.  But there isn't any news.  The news would be that the president doesn't want an immigration deal.  The news would be the president really doesn't want a gun control deal.  Not now.  The president wants all of these issues with the media... they really are, folks, they're willing accomplices.  They are not reporters and editors anymore.  They are Democrat campaign consultants and interns.  And the objective here is 2014.  These issues must be kept alive and presented to the people as reasons to vote against Republicans, so that the Democrats can win the House in 2014 and keep the Senate. And then, after that, if that happens, there's no such thing as a lame-duck second term and there's no need for any politicking or compromise.

You win the House, you keep the Senate, you're in the White House, you do whatever you want.  You don't need to compromise.  Why compromise with the Republicans on immigration and not get everything you want when all you've gotta do is wait a year, year and a half, and in that year and a half, make sure that nobody's gonna vote Republican, and then have it all and have everything you want with no opposition, which is the objective. Eliminate all opposition so that whatever you want doesn't require any hearings, it doesn't require any testimony. You present the bill, it gets rubber-stamped in the House, rubber-stamped in the Senate, sent to the White House, it gets signed, and that's it.  You can do it in 20 minutes.  That's the objective here.

So don't get caught up in the back-and-forth of any negotiations on gun control, immigration, economic matters, 'cause that's not what is on the agenda.  If you step back, look at it objectively, take out all of the things you don't like about politics and just look at this as one side wants something and the other side wants something different, and the one side that wants everything wants it all.  How can they get it?  I mean, they're within a year and a half of having it.  Why compromise now?  When you don't have to to win the election.  They don't have to compromise to win the election.  Because they've got the media.  The media's gonna effectively hammer the Republicans, blame the Republicans for everything that has gone wrong the last five years and will go wrong between now and Election Day.

So what you can do is you can make proposals, proposals that you know the Republicans will not agree with, but you will be portrayed by your colleagues in the media as compromising, as giving away quite a bit in order to get a deal, and it's gonna be the Republicans that won't compromise.  It's gonna be the Republicans who are inflexible. It's gonna be the Republicans who are highly partisan.  It is a continuation, if you will, of the Limbaugh Theorem, which holds that Obama has a free rein on wreaking whatever havoc he wants on the country, but nobody who voted for him associates him with what's happening.  A vast majority of everybody in the country opposes Obama's policies left and right, but they don't think Obama's policies are being implemented.

They think the Republicans are stopping him.  They think Obama really wants to bring the deficit down.  Obama said, "I'm not gonna do anything that adds at dime to the deficit."  They believe him.  They think Obama's trying to create jobs.  He's trying.  But the job situation keeps getting worse.  The media tells 'em it's the Republicans that are intractable, won't compromise.  "The president's offered all kinds of stuff, the Republicans just won't work with him."  'Cause there is no news anymore.  And there aren't any news outlets.  Not in the mainstream media, certainly not in what is called the dominant media culture.


RUSH:  The Official Program Observer, Bo Snerdley, just asked me a question.  He follows the news. His nose is in it all day. He's an addict, just like we all are here.  He said, "I hadn't seen this number, 663,000 people left the labor force.  Where'd you get that?"  I said, "Well, I got two sources for it.  One is James Pethokoukis at AEI, American Enterprise Institute.  The other guy is Tyler Durden at, a former Wall Street guy. He got out of it, now runs a blog, and they just report the government data that the media doesn't."  It's exactly what I'm talking about.  There aren't any news outlets anymore.

The number of people who left the labor force is not hidden. It's not sequestered away where you have to dig deep with passwords to find it. It's part of the BLS report.  But you don't get it.  AP, all the other news agencies, they report 88,000 new jobs, unemployment rate down 7.6% because they're Democrats, vested-interest Democrats.  They're not journalists.  So they see something, 663,000 people.  Unless they can make the case that the Republicans are to blame for it, they'll not touch it.  Now, in this case they had to report that 88,000's a disappointing number, the new jobs that were created, so they blame the sequester.

If there is a culprit here above and beyond just generically Obama -- but that is your answer.  Obama's policies. The policies of the United States government are giving us these results.  But specifically, Obamacare.  People are being laid off left and right because of Obamacare because it's too expensive.  The people that have small businesses are not able to comply with the law.  The law requires them to provide X in terms of health care.  It costs more than they can afford and stay in business.  They are firing people.  They are laying people off.  They're converting people to less than 30-hour-a-week part-timers because the alternative is to comply with the law and go out of business.  It isn't brain surgery, but you must have a solid foundation of knowledge against which to compare everything that you learn.

If you don't have an understanding of the rules and regulations of Obamacare, if you don't have an appreciation for what the purpose of a business is, I mean, how many people think the purpose of a business is to provide jobs and health care for people?  You'd be shocked at the number of people.  And what's the purpose of a dress design?  To make clothes for Kim Kardashian while she's pregnant.  What's the purpose of Glamour magazine?  To put the latest pictures of some actress on a beach in Florida on the cover.  Well, the purpose of Obamacare is to make sure that everybody gets free health care, but instead businesses are firing people, laying 'em off because they can't stay in business and comply with the law.  It isn't the sequester.

Now, legitimate news would tell us this.  We don't have legitimate news.  The Democrat Party has taken over the universities and journalism schools, and they're turning out operatives, consultants, and interns that are called reporters and anchors and whatever else.


RUSH: Snerdley asked me a question that I had to answer.  He wanted to know where I found that 663,000 people left the labor force.  Because it's not reported in your Drive-By Media.  They know it.  They just choose to ignore it.  We now have 90 million American adults not working.  Ninety million, ladies and gentlemen, and a vast majority of them are capable.  Ninety million Americans, 8.8 million on disability, in addition to everybody who's on some sort of an entitlement program.  We are a country in decline, steady decline, a country in decay.

Bunch of e-mails.  "Okay, Rush, if the media's made up of all these Democrat operatives, how come that all these Democrats and liberals are journalists?  How come those are the people that go into journalism?"  There's an answer to that question.  I've answered it countless times in the past on this program


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