Author Topic: Officials To Take ‘Whatever Precautions’ Needed After North Korea Threat  (Read 385 times)

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News designed to calm the fears of Bigun and Atomic Cow. Austin cityn officials are ready and on the alert.

According to NK News, some text written on a map in the background of one image reads “U.S. Mainland Strike Plan,” and their digitally enhanced version of the image show missile strikes planned for areas surrounding Austin, as well as Washington D.C. and San Diego.
Austin city officials are keeping an eye on the situation.
“Our regional intelligence center has been staying apprised of the current situation,” City Manager Marc A. Ott told CBS Houston in a statement.

Austin has a "regional intelligence center"? Fancy that. Are the Libs in Austin aware of the existence of this "center" which is so obviously a threat to everyone's civil liberties? And does this center really monitor the doings in NK vis-a-vis Austin? How very impressive.
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