Author Topic: US Navy shifting guided-missile destroyer in Pacific Ocean in response to ongoing threats from North Korea, officials tell @NBCNews  (Read 549 times)

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More of the same rhetoric we hear usually hear about Iran.

They don't have the technology.

It's the same bluster we've heard for years.

It would be to their detriment to attack us or other countries in their region...etc.

Except this time, we 'are' responding in many ways.

Fact is, we have major bases within spitting distance of NK. They could do some major damage to our forces and we would be in the position of only being able to use conventional weaponry to retaliate.

No one in the region would be happy if we nuked the Norks. JMHO

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China mobilizing troops, jets near N. Korean border, US officials say

China has placed military forces on heightened alert in the northeastern part of the country as tensions mount on the Korean peninsula following recent threats by Pyongyang to attack, U.S. officials said.

Reports from the region reveal the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) recently increased its military posture in response to the heightened tensions, specifically North Korea's declaration of a "state of war" and threats to conduct missile attacks against the United States and South Korea.

According to the officials, the PLA has stepped up military mobilization in the border region with North Korea since mid-March, including troop movements and warplane activity.{%2210151392935431794%22%3A432007370224027}&action_type_map=
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