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Modified Resection is part of the dead reckoning process, calculating your current position by shooting an azimuth on a prominent feature on the map. Use the reciprocal of that feature to the known linear feature. The intersection is your modified resection position fix.

Work off a linear feature, such as a trail, road or stream that is established on a map. Next look for a prominent peak, such as a mountaintop. The modified resection is where the azimuth from your position on the road and where the reciprocal azimuth crosses on the map will identify where you are at on the road/map. 

In this video course, Dan is going to walk you through four basic steps how to perform a modified resection below:

First, sight on the peak with your compass and get your azimuth, which was 270 degrees.
Next is to orient the map to the north and add in the declination, less 10 degrees. 
Draw a line off the straight edge of the compass, using the reciprocal of west 270 degrees less 180 degrees = 090.
Where the line crosses the road on the map, put a tick mark with your alcohol marker to identify where you are at on the map. 
Navigation Terms to Remember:

Azimuth:  A horizontal angle measure form the North base line. It can be any direction in the 360 degree circle.
Resection:  A method to locate or get a position fix of your current location on a map based off of two or more prominent locations that can be identified on a map.
Intersection:  Locating a unknown point by sighting in on two or more known prominent points you can identify in nature and on the map.
Declination:  The relationship between the three norths, True North (TN), Magnetic North (MN) and Grid North (GN).


The video won't link (it's not a YouTube vid), so you'll have to follow the link to watch it.

Dan is a former Navy SEAL and a real good guy. Make sure you watch Dan's other land navigation video's @:

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