Author Topic: Wisc. University Stands By Campaign To Teach Diversity By Writing ‘Unfair’ On White Students’ Faces  (Read 678 times)

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This country gets nuttier every day.

The University of Wisconsin Duluth-Superior is standing by a controversial campaign launched in 2012 to increase public awareness about racial favoritism by writing “unfair” on students’ faces along with a variety of grievances supposedly shared by minorities against Caucasians. The university released a statement last week defending the project and saying that the campaign is prepare to enter its second phase.

The only thing said about the "second phase" is “Racism: Ignore It And It Won’t Go Away,” was launched summer of 2012” , but no details are provided. Perhaps the whites at this school should be flogged daily as penance.

If you go to the link there are some examples of what I believe to be are the writings put on the faces of whites. Just how did we develop this horrid sense of guilt and lack of historical perspective in America? I recall the 60s mantra of "white privilege." This program at this college appears to be an extension of that.

It's truly sickening.

Btw, where is the WI legislature and governor on this?

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50 years after MLK "I have a dream speech" the University of Wisconsin is asking that people be judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. 

The world has gone insane.

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50 years after MLK "I have a dream speech" the University of Wisconsin is asking that people be judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. 

The world has gone insane.

Indeed it has Mille! Indeed it has!
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I'm sorry, but WTF???

What if the student in question refuses to accede to an act that comprises assault and battery?

I'd sue the living crap out of anyone who attempted to do that to my child against their will.

And then I'd file a racial class action discrimination suit against the college.

And that's just for starters. Where the hell is the outrage?
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We are batshit crazy, I'm sure of it.  The people on the left are seeking new and outrageous ways to prove their liberal bonafides.  What's next, demeaning traditional marriage with facial slogans because of "insensitivity" to the so-called LGBT culture? Andy has it right... the attorneys need to line up.
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Bring in the attorneys!  Lawsuits so fast they won't know what hit their collective pocketbooks

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That writing should be replaced with the phrase "white liberal guilt"

In fact, those pix can be quite easily photoshopped.
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