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Vetted Chris Kyle/Chad Littlefield Charitable Donations
« on: February 11, 2013, 05:43:37 PM »

Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield Memorial Gear and Charitable Donations
by Laura Walker · February 10, 2013 · Posted In: SOF News

It’s been a week since we lost two good men, Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. In that time so many good people have donated their time and money to support  both families and to honor them.

People have wanted to purchase Chris Kyle memorial gear as a way to help, and there have been some really great organizations lending their resources, but unfortunately, we’ve seen a whole crop of scammers offering Chris Kyle memorial items that are unlicensed, unauthorized and often come with bogus claims that the proceeds will go to Craft or the Kyle family.

It stops now.

SOFREP and Craft International LLC are working together to keep these predators from taking advantage of the generosity of good people and to protect Chris’s identity.  We’re asking you to help us be the sheepdog.
Here is How YOU Can Help

SOFREP will be posting and updating a list of official and authorized memorial gear.  There are many great companies who are still reaching out to Craft and the Kyle family to work out how they can help donate, so please, bear in mind some very good companies are still getting their ducks in order and have the most honorable intentions. We are compiling a list of authorized vendors. We will also be dealing with the scammers.

Then there is the dirty underbelly of all of this.  I’m asking the SOFREP mafia and any guests who come by, if you see Chris Kyle memorial gear for sale anywhere to please use the comments section of this post to list the seller name and a link to the listing.

Please DO NOT contact the sellers yourself – let the SOFREP Team and Craft International handle inquiries and/or legal issues.

There are people out there that truly want to help the families and we don’t want to threaten everyone with trademark and copyright infringement.  Having said that, we want to come down hard on anyone taking advantage of the public’s generosity.

For now, if you would simply post a link below to any suspicious Chris Kyle memorial items you find, that will be a tremendous help.
Official Memorial Gear

Craft International LLC created memorial gear that is the “official” Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield memorial gear.  All profits will be donated to the families through a 501(3)(c) so that it’s the most tax efficient.  These are the official Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield memorial items available at the Craft website:

Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield Memorial Gear and Charitable Donations
Vetted Memorial Merchandise Vendors

These are the companies who are currently in communication with Craft and SOFREP making the proper arrangements.  This list will be updated as we go.

    RE Factor
    Forged Clothing

Where to Donate Directly

Note: The family’s attorney has asked that all future donations be directed to the trusts set up below (14k or less is tax free), or Debbie Lee’s charity, America’s Mighty Warriors.

Craft International has set up the Chris Kyle Memorial Trust and the Chad Littlefield Memorial Trust.  There are links on the craft website where you can donate directly to either or both funds.  These trusts provide for the general welfare of the families as well as the education of their young children.  100% of the donations will go to the respective families. Donate to the Chris Kyle Memorial Trust and the Chad Littlefield Memorial Trust now.

For people who want a tax deduction, donate to America’s Mighty Warriors, a charity set up by Debbie Lee, Marc Lee’s mom.

Brandon Webb’s The Red Circle Foundation is also re-directing all initial donations marked for Chris Kyle to Debbie Lee’s charity America’s Mighty Warriors.  Donations that have come in are already marked to move forward.

It is best to make donations directly to the Kyle and Littlefield Memorial funds via the Craft site or to Debbie’s charity listed above. We hope to avoid having donations going all over the place and getting bogged down in the paperwork and legalities of moving those funds around.  Please make sure any donations you send are clearly marked with the name(s) of who you are donating to in memoriam.
Others Who Have Helped & Are Helping

    Operation Hawkeye
    Mercury One
    Lone Survivor Foundation
    Red Circle Foundation (No longer accepting donations)
    Glen Beck

Chris Kyle Memorial: Monday, Feb 11th

The Public Memorial for Chris Kyle will be held tomorrow, Monday, February 11 at 1:00 PM at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.  This event is open to the public.

    Doors open at 11:30 a.m. and the service starts at 1 p.m.
    Lots 1, 2, and 10 will be open for parking.
    No cameras, bags or purses will be permitted inside the stadium.

Visitors can bring flowers for the field; they should be dropped off Monday morning at Gates A and K. The flowers will later be donated to veterans hospitals.
Chris Kyle Memorial Procession: Tuesday Feb 12th, 8:00 am – 1:00pm

The route will start  at 8 a.m. and will travel from the Multi-Purpose Stadium south on 14th Street in Midlothian, Texas to U.S. 287. The procession will then travel south on Interstate 35E to Austin bound for the Texas State Cemetery at 909 Navasota Street.

Motorists along the route are alerted to expect delays during the four-to-five hour motorcade which will include military personnel, first responders and Patriot Guard Riders.

I will be working directly with Craft International to update the lists of Vetted Vendors and track the scammers as the pop up.  If you see a someone pushing Memorial Merchandise, please post that information below.

Thank you for all the kind words, support and prayer for Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, and thank you for taking the time to help me shoot down anyone trying to use them for ill gain.

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