Author Topic: Women will pay for political maneuvering (in the military)  (Read 350 times)

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Women will pay for political maneuvering (in the military)
« on: January 27, 2013, 10:44:11 PM »

Women will pay for political maneuvering
January 27th, 2013

Veterans and enlisted soldiers aren’t staying quiet about how women in combat roles will affect the guys already in those jobs, but how will this change affect the females?

In spite of the fact that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Martin Dempsey is already looking for a way to lower the physical standards for men and women in the military so that it’s “fair”  it is important to consider the ramifications for women trying to enlist, or already serving, if the standards are equalized by RAISING the standards for women, which must be done if we are to remain a viable fighting force in the world.

But, doing so will significantly reduce retention and eliminate the military as an option for all but the most hardened teen aged girls.
We all know a handful of women who can do everything a man can do (and better) but can that be said of all of the women who currently make up 14 percent of the Army? Add to that many young females have no idea what they are physically capable of and the initial physical requirements already seem daunting- will they even try if the bar is raised more? Like men, they get into training and are stunned by what they are able to do and many continue to push themselves physically to become their personal best. But if they have to perform the same as a man on their ISTs, will there be ANY females left in the Marine Corps? I have to assume it takes a little more work to transform a pretty blonde 17 year old in a PINK hoodie into a Marine.

Will women make the weight standards? Many tall, strong, athletic young female would not make weight standards geared toward gangly 18 year old boys. Men are at their thinnest, most compact at that time, built nothing like a young woman. Perhaps women with breasts would be ineligible. Hmmm. “Sorry, CPL Smith, looks like you’ve, um, developed since your last weigh in.”

Additionally, are women in combat specialties-trained to fight and nothing else- willing to face an admin discharge, possibly Other Than Honorable, if they make themselves useless by pregnancy? They can’t work though the pregnancy, and it is a choice. Fair or not- sex makes women pregnant, not men. A female mechanic can work, if not PT, through her pregnancy. Not so a combat Marine.

What about the Navy? I don’t even know. Where do they fit into all of this? How will the American people react when the numbers of female dead and captured skyrockets? Will combat moms be at risk of losing their kids because of PTSD? Will there be backlash when offended populace wakes up to this nonsense?

One thing is for sure, women are going to pay for this folly.

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