Author Topic: GEE, YOU MEAN IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY FINANCIAL SENSE? GE Abandons Plans to Buy 25,000 Electric and Hybrid Vehicles  (Read 496 times)

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Doug Ross @ Journal
Friday, January 11, 2013
GEE, YOU MEAN IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY FINANCIAL SENSE? GE Abandons Plans to Buy 25,000 Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Forrest Gump could have predicted this frickin' mess.

    While General Electric has a vested interest in see electric and plug-in hybrid cars storm the car market, GE has apparently had a change of heart. The electronics and aviation giant announced that it was no longer seeking to replace much of its fleet with 25,000 hybrid and electric vehicles. Instead, GE will pursue other alt-fuel options, including CNG and propane.

    That isn’t to say GE is completely abandoning its plans to buy electrified vehicles; just a few months ago GE announced that it would be buying 2,000 Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrids to bolster its fleet. Add to that the thousands of Chevy Volts GE has already purchased, and it is fair to say that GE put its money where its mouth is.

    Unfortunately, as GE soon found out, hybrids and electric vehicles don’t make financial sense for every job or situation. With many GE employees logging an average of 100 miles or more a day, the hybrids face diminishing returns when it comes to fuel savings, and a Chevy Volt is a poor replacement for a work truck or van.

Electric and hybrid vehicles don't make any financial sense? I'll alert the media.

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The clue is probably about all the employees logging 100 miles a day.  You can't log that sort of mileage just driving around slowly in residential areas or stop and go traffic; you have to be logging a fair amount of travel at higher speeds, including highway speeds.  At those speeds most hybrids actually do worse on fuel mileage then the identical non-hybrid models (e.g., the Honda Civic, which comes in both flavors).  In other words, unless you're roaming through 25mph residential streets all day or creeping through stop-and-go traffic in a crowded city - or on a congested highway - a hybrid makes no sense whatsoever, either from a financial perspective - it costs more to operate than a non-hybrid just on fuel costs - as well as from a greenie-weenie perspective because your carbon footprint is larger in the hybrid than it is in the non-hybrid.

Just another in a long, long, and growing longer by the day, list of failures due to the fact that progressives/liberals simply cannot think logically and cannot figure out the necessary consequences of their own actions.
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