Author Topic: GEE, YOU MEAN IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY FINANCIAL SENSE? GE Abandons Plans to Buy 25,000 Electric and Hybrid Vehicles  (Read 700 times)

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The clue is probably about all the employees logging 100 miles a day.  You can't log that sort of mileage just driving around slowly in residential areas or stop and go traffic; you have to be logging a fair amount of travel at higher speeds, including highway speeds.  At those speeds most hybrids actually do worse on fuel mileage then the identical non-hybrid models (e.g., the Honda Civic, which comes in both flavors).  In other words, unless you're roaming through 25mph residential streets all day or creeping through stop-and-go traffic in a crowded city - or on a congested highway - a hybrid makes no sense whatsoever, either from a financial perspective - it costs more to operate than a non-hybrid just on fuel costs - as well as from a greenie-weenie perspective because your carbon footprint is larger in the hybrid than it is in the non-hybrid.

Just another in a long, long, and growing longer by the day, list of failures due to the fact that progressives/liberals simply cannot think logically and cannot figure out the necessary consequences of their own actions.

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