Author Topic: The One Million Lawsuit Action (2nd Activism)  (Read 1027 times)

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The One Million Lawsuit Action (2nd Activism)
« on: January 10, 2013, 06:18:44 PM »
With a potential attack on the 2nd Amendment lucking, everyone has ideas of what to do about it. Some, like Glen Beck recommend not complying with any ban and demand they arrest you.  Others recommend hiding your guns and playing dumb when asked. Many more are having dreams of another Civil War, imagining themselves in shootouts with the police.

All of these ideas have major flaws, with the third idea probably being the worst.  But there is another way.

If just a small percent of gun owners, over a short period of time, all file lawsuits against the government in every jurisdiction and court in this country.  Just 3% of gun owners doing this could result in over a million lawsuits filed. Each suit would require the government provide a lawyer to draft a response and a judge to make a ruling to consider hearing the suit. Not only would this overwhelm the system and send a very loud message, in some cases these suits could be successful, providing legal precedent for future suits.

Obviously this idea is very complicated and will vary by State.

Let's start the discussion and research. Please pass along this message to every forum and social media site you can. Get the bug in people's ear and have the masses approach this issue and look for ways to make it happen.

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Re: The One Million Lawsuit Action (2nd Activism)
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2013, 09:55:51 AM »
I say say we start a movement in the states to strengthen the wording of the 2nd amendment "Congress nor any state or local government  shall not have the power to pass any law that strips the American people or free and peaceable citizens thereof of the right to keep  and bear arms or the accessories of those arms  .and all such laws are here now and forever declared  null and void

(Section 2)..neither Congress nor the Federal government nor  any state or local government shall have the power to  pass or enforce any law that prohibits free and peaceable citizens of the right to exercise their right to keep and bear arms on their person in a peaceable manner and no peaceable citizen of the United States shall be required by law  to retreat when in his home or propriety  or in a place where he has a legal right to be and all such laws that  require a  peaceable citizen to retreat from a unlawful attack or felony assault are henceforth null and void  :patriot:
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Re: The One Million Lawsuit Action (2nd Activism)
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2013, 08:22:55 PM »
I dared to challenge the gun-grabbers at what appears to be Mark Kelly and Gabby Gifford's site (!/AmericansForResponsibleSolutions ) and they're swarming around me like ants at a picnic.
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