Author Topic: ObamCare's hidden 3.5 percent surtax  (Read 450 times)

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ObamCare's hidden 3.5 percent surtax
« on: December 10, 2012, 08:50:24 PM »
The latest upshot from ObamaCare:  There will apparently be a fee--perhaps of 3.5 percent--levied against any insurer who chooses to sell healthcare insurance on the upcoming federal exchange.

From The Washington Post:

The Obama administration is proposing a new way to finance the health law’s insurance exchanges: A fee levied on the insurers who sell in the marketplace.

Health and Human Services will operate a health insurance exchange in all states that decline to set up the marketplace themselves. In order to finance the exchange’s operations, new draft regulations released Friday envision health plans paying a “user fee” if they want to sell in that space.

The size of that fee would depend on the number of members a health plan had enrolled through the marketplace.

“We propose that a participating issuer offering a plan through a Federally-facilitated Exchange remit a user fee to HHS each month,” the draft regulation proposes.

And the link to the entire article:  Want to sell insurance on the Obamacare exchanges? There’s a (3.5%) fee for that.

It should go without saying that this "user fee" would not ultimately be paid by the various insurance carriers, but by their customers, as this fee would be passed along in the form of higher rates

But the left, presumably, will just ignore those higher rates, or pretend they are the result of mere avarice on the part of rapacious insurers...

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