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Gangnam Bile
« on: December 07, 2012, 11:06:58 PM »
Gangnam bile
December 7th, 2012

I first read this dust-up earlier about the South Korean “artist” Psy who is going to the White House this week because, ya know, the American Idol president has to surround himself with popular culture figures to win approval from the shallow voters who use that as a gauge instead of the issues which are affecting their livelihoods.

I saw it at Michelle Malkin‘s (by the way, TSO is playing poker with her as I write this) and our buddies at ROKDrop. But, apparently, this PSY fellow did an anti-American rap a few years ago which goes like this;

    Kill those —— Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives
    Kill those —— Yankees who ordered them to torture
    Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law, and fathers
    Kill them all slowly and painfully

Nice, huh? I guess he won’t be apologizing before he goes to the White House and dines on our taxpayer dime. But Pat sends us a link to the Washington Post which tries to mitigate Psy’s rap by explaining why he did that piece at the time;

    The 2004 performance is more complicated. In May of that year, an extremist group led by al-Qaeda’s Abu Musab al-Zarqawi captured a South Korean Christian missionary in Iraq. They demanded that Seoul cancel its plan to send 3,000 troops in support of the U.S.-led invasion and, when South Korea refused, sent a tape of his beheading to Al Jazeera. “Korean citizens, you were warned,” the executioner announced. “Your soldiers are here not for the sake of Iraqis, but for cursed America.”

    Koreans again took the streets in protest, first against the terrorists in Iraq, but then against the governments they saw as responsible for putting Koreans in harm’s way. “While most of the peninsula’s fury was directed towards terrorists in Iraq as well as Korean government policy, some anti-US military protesters seized the moment to put forth their cause,” Korea-based journalist Bobby McGill explains. “Once again, PSY was involved. This time he admonished not only the terrorists and then president Roh Mu-hyun, but he also allegedly unleashed a vitriolic condemnation of American military personnel and military brass.” That would be the song “Dear American,” lyrics from which are posted above.

Oh, so terrorists behead a Korean and it’s our fault? That makes perfect sense now. I completely forgive him for wishing slow painful deaths on our troops and their families. Or probably not. The Post goes on to explain about some nationalist policy that had the Koreans’ Kimchi boiling about reconciling the differences between the North & South, something that had absolutely no chance of coming to pass with or without Americans involved.

But apparently we’re supposed to understand this rap rant about slow painful deaths being wished for our troops and their families, and forgive Psy and applaud him and shower him with our consumer dollars because, after all, he’s just an artist being artsy. Personally, I wish him a slow and painful death, along with the rest of his family, as well as the same fate for anyone who ever applauded him or gave him a dime.

And with Obama and Psy in the same building, if I were Bo, I’d be worried about what they plan on serving that night.

ADDED: Apparently Psy has apologized in the Daily News; ” I’m deeply sorry for how these lyrics could be interpreted”. I don’t know how many interpretations there could have been to the very explicit lyrics.

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