Author Topic: What Made Jovan Belcher Murder the Mother of His Child? Was It Football or the Gun? Or Maybe Something Else...  (Read 531 times)

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What Made Jovan Belcher Murder the Mother of His Child? Was It Football or the Gun? Or Maybe Something Else...
December 03, 2012


RUSH:  Okay, folks, I'm confused.  I'm gonna admit being confused to you here.  I'm listening to all of the learned analysis and reaction to the murder/suicide in Kansas City on Saturday, Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend. And the reason I'm confused is because I don't know if Belcher playing football caused him to murder his girlfriend or if the gun caused him to murder his girlfriend.  Because we're hearing from leftist social reformers that both situations are possible, that it was the game of football that led to brain concussions, which led to all kinds of irrationality and oddities.

There's a big lawsuit going on, former NFL players against the league, and the same people are telling us it's the gun that caused the problem.  In fact, there's sympathy.  You know, I was watching the game last night, like a lot of people were, and even during the pregame coverage, there was a tad of sympathy for Jovan Belcher.  He murdered his girlfriend.  You know, that didn't get a whole lot of play during the day. What got the play was his suicide.  He went to Chiefs practice facility on Saturday morning and wanted to thank everybody there for giving him a shot.  What a good guy.  After murdering his girlfriend, he still wanted to go over and thank people.  The fact that he murdered his girlfriend and the mother of his child to boot, sort of got second-tier display.

Then of course last night during halftime Bob Costas devoted 90 seconds to the NBC, slash, HBO official political position on guns.  A lot of people sent me e-mails and texts, "How come Costas gets to express his opinion during halftime of Sunday Night Football?"  And I said, "The answer's simple, because that's the opinion of his bosses.  He gets to express the opinion because it's what NBC thinks.  It's what his friends at HBO think.  It's what the left believes."  And so wherever the commentary is given is perfectly fine.  It's only when commentary that does not comport with the leftist view of things is offered, say, in a football game, that it's not permissible. But if you're gonna offer liberal opinion, anywhere is fine, anywhere, no limits to where you can do it.  But opinion that differs from the traditional liberal viewpoint is not only frowned upon, it is snuffed out and it is not permitted.  So that's the easy explanation for that.

"Why do you keep mentioning HBO for?"

Well, this is inside baseball, admittedly, but NBC, HBO, in my own observation here, nothing official, but the people involved go back and forth, Saturday Night Live, back and forth to HBO.  They're the same people.  They have the same political view. If you want to work at either place you have to be a certain political-type person.  That's just the best way to explain it.  Just the way it is.  I mean, you can count on the fact, anytime you see anybody, anything on HBO, you're gonna know what they are, and now it's the same thing with NBC.  It's all I mean.

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