Author Topic: 'That '70s Show' Star Lisa Robin Kelly Arrested AGAIN & the Mugshots Keep Getting Worse (PHOTOS)  (Read 1634 times)

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The two things I take away from this and so many other cases is that being rich and famous does not protect you from ruining your life with a crash and burn. The other is that no matter what a stone-cold-fox a young girl may be, that does not at all predict how she will look with a little age and drug abuse behind her. We see it all the time.

When getting married, the emotional and spiritual connection is much, very much more important than the fleeting physical attraction. Just my stupid opinion.

Back in the day, I was incredibly jealous of Lisa Robin Kelly, who played Laurie, the sexy older sister of Eric Foreman on That '70s Show. She was so pretty, and though not all that bright, she sure could rock a pair of bell bottoms. These days, however, it's mugshots she's racking up ... and they're not so pretty.
You cannot "COEXIST" with people who want to kill you.

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Meth, cocaine, vodka, what does it matter? (Most tweakers drink heavily, too)

It is possible to drink and drug yourself to death in a few years. Or worse, to have to live through it, and do harm to others.
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