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The Real Housewives of West Point - Rush
« on: November 13, 2012, 03:52:05 PM »
The Real Housewives of West Point
November 13, 2012


RUSH:  You know, folks, you have to think, you just have to think, with Bill Clinton watching all this, all these affairs going on in the military, Bill Clinton's gotta be kicking himself for dodging the draft.  I mean, look at what he missed.

It's all too easy, folks, to forget the human toll that this is taking on the people involved.  For example, Petraeus is now gonna have to run for the presidency as a Democrat.  His chances a Republican are shot, but this is a resume enhancement for a Democrat. You know what this is?  This is The Real Housewives of West Point.  This is what we are watching here.  And this Benghazi story, it finally has legs, lots of legs.  Have you seen 'em in Tampa?  Broadbeam, Broadwell, whatever her name is.  You know, the one good thing, folks, about all of this is that a sex scandal might make some people finally hear about Benghazi, because the media is all over this.

It is a sex story that they just can't ignore.  And even the lowest of the low-information voters might finally hear about what happened in Benghazi because of this.  That's why I said, you know, words and policy, we kind of exhausted it.  We're just gonna have to wait for events to overtake the regime.  And who knows how this is going to play out.  But what a soap opera this is.  The Real Housewives of West Point.  You know, the next thing I expect to hear is that Paula Broadwell put on adult diapers, got in a car for 24 hours and drove down to Tampa to find Jill Kelley.  I mean, it is hilarious.  Part of me is laughing at it, and like you, I'm incredulous.

Now we've got General Allen.  This is the guy we all saw on 60 Minutes a couple weeks before the election.  General Allen, we're gonna get there, keep your shirt on.  The FBI doesn't.  The FBI agent that got all this started, he was infatuated with Jill Kelley, this sexpot. They're calling her a sexpot, this socialite sexpot in Tampa.  And this guy, the FBI agent, we were asking yesterday, how in the world -- like I said to Snerdley, I want you to call the FBI this afternoon and say you're being harassed by somebody in the Philippines and you want an investigation into the e-mail, and see what they do. See if it happens.

Well, we found out how this happened.  Jill Kelley called the FBI agent that she knew, they were buds, there was some acquaintance.  He had sent her topless photos of himself.  She's also married.  So he got the investigation going.  Then people at the FBI said, "You know, this guy is a little too close to this.  We're gonna have to kick him out of the investigation while we conduct it."

All of these traditions, all these institutions that used to define the backbone of this country, they're all becoming a joke.  Everything's becoming a joke.  Hurricane recovery in the Northeast, the unions are keeping freshwater out.  The unions are keeping repair crews out.  The unions are causing all kinds of red tape that Obama promised wouldn't happen.  We haven't heard from Governor Christie since the election.  I don't know what he's doing, but this story here with Petraeus and now General Allen, 20 to 30,000 documents that he was sending to the sexpot socialite in Tampa.  One thing we know, nobody's had time to prosecute the war over there.  This Mullah Omar guy, I mean, what does the Taliban know?

That's the next thing to drop.  We're gonna find out the Taliban is behind this somehow.  I remember, I mean, the FBI, the one thing that you could count on, these are former Marines.  This kind of behavior from the FBI, there's no institution out there that we can trust that has not been politicized, that hasn't been corrupted, even the CIA.  By the way, Obama's doing a press conference.  I wonder how many reporters will ask him about all the binders filled with women in this administration.

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