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An ETS Wood Gasifier Generator
« on: November 11, 2012, 04:07:30 PM »

  An ETS Wood Gasifier Generator

  ... can produce electricity or be used for cooking or heating water. A complete, portable, self-contained wood gas electric generator fueled by scrap wood chips is pictured to the right. 

The day is fast approaching when there could be prolonged power failures and drastic gasoline fuel shortages. This could happen as the result of a massive solar flare event, a severe storm, or maybe even an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) strike. Adding to that list, there is now the possibility of a major worldwide economic collapse. Do you have an emergency plan for providing gas and electricity for your home?

Home-scale solar, wind and hydro power generating plants are currently the best answer for your basic electricity needs, but they each have their limitations. Prolonged periods of cloudy days will defeat the best solar system, as will calm days affecting a wind turbine or drought stopping a water turbine.  The answer for these possibilities is to have a backup generator, but we know that we cannot depend on any type of fossil fuel system. Wood gasification is one of the best solutions because it can provide both electricity and gas for heating, all from renewable wood.

The ETS reactor vessel pictured to the left is fairly simple to construct because it is made mostly from 4-inch pipe fittings screwed together. There are a few simple welds that can be done at any local welding shop. The design features a 5 gallon batch fuel hopper that holds enough wood chips for over one hour operating time. The fan provides combustion air through five nozzles to produce a rich gas mixture sufficient for starting and powering a 3 to 12 horsepower engine. The YouTube video below shows the generator, without the added hopper, being loaded with wood chips and brought up to optimum temperature before starting the engine.

This design features a 12 volt DC alternator for charging solar batteries. Since this video was made, we have added a 2,000 watt inverter for intermittent 120 volt applications like powering drills, lights or even a chain saw. For cooking and heating, the gasifier can be run by fan pressure which can produce 200-300 cubic feet of producer grade wood gas per hour.

The system can be cart-mounted as pictured, or built into the power shed design as shown below. The cart-mounted system was built for less than $1,500 (2010 prices) out of commonly available plumbing and automotive parts, including the engine as shown. Plans for building both the reactor vessel and the generator are available on a narrated DVD that walks you through each step of construction.


More at the link above!
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Re: An ETS Wood Gasifier Generator
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2012, 02:51:04 AM »
That generator looks interesting. The biggest problem in a long term power outage is always fuel since there are about half a dozen places every precious gallon can go.

Thanks for the link! Going to dig into it thoroughly - I have a generator built from scavenged parts (a crashed moped engine and a spare alternator) and it might be worth modifying it to run on wood gas.
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