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Foolish "Intellectuals"
« on: November 06, 2012, 11:07:27 PM »
I begin with Isaac Asimov, the late, famous, and formerly wealthy science fiction writer.   Many of his follies have escaped the notice of millions of his fans.  For example, Asimov was a famous atheist, and an exceedingly hateful one at that.  But why?

Did you know that Isaac himself claimed his atheism began after he prayed to God to pass a science test and when he failed, he renounced God for the remainder of his life.  God did not rise to Asimov's demands, and therefore God had to go.  Brilliant, no?

Atheism aside, Isaac was afraid to fly.  He only drove or rode on ground transportation, purely out of ignorance.  Flying commercially is ten times safer, mile for mile, than driving.

Atheism and ignorance aside, Asimov was a horrible husband and father. He closeted himself in his study with his typewriter, the better to connect with his adoring fans who rewarded him with fame and fortune.  Meanwhile his son suffered, without a father.  Asimov's son was later arrested when child porn was discovered on his personal computer.

For most decent humans, being a good parent is the most important part of their lives.  What good is wealth or fame if you can't love and cherish those who are most dependent on you.

Now let's examine Isaac Asimov's published stupidity.

". . . there is an object a mile above the surface of the earth that is moving upward
at a constant speed. We can tell when it started its journey . . . there is nothing in the upward
direction to stop, we could conclude that it would travel forever and its journey would have no
end." - Counting the Eons, page 150

Well, no it won't "travel forever."  There is the earth's gravity, which is substantial, and then there is
air resistance. Other than those.....

"If the tube (used to breath through when underwater)  is long enough and wide
enough, all the exhaled air remains in that long tube and you will breathe the same air over
and over again and it will not be long before you suffocate". - page 12

Ignorance waving a science book.  Isaac did not understand a couple of things wrong with his remarks.
First, when your chest is a mere four feet underwater, the pressure is so great that you cannot inhale.
I've tried to do it by extending a flexible snorkel, long before I read Counting the Eons.

But even if you could inhale at considerable depth, Isaac was still wrong.  You can exhale through your nose,
and inhale continuously fresh air through the snorkel.  It's quite elementary.

"We don't feel pressure of the weight of the atmosphere...the body's liquid contents
press outward..." - page 2

No the body's liquid contents don't "press outward."  You're simply quite incompressible, aside from the air in your lungs.

Next, Carl Sagan.

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Re: Foolish "Intellectuals"
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