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Video: Witnesses in Ohio discuss potential voter fraud
« on: October 30, 2012, 09:50:28 PM »

Video: Witnesses in Ohio discuss potential voter fraud

By: Sara Marie Brenner   
10/30/2012 07:47 PM

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Three Ohio residents have come forward to confirm on the record their accounts of questionable practices by Democrats seeking to influence voters in Ohio, a crucial swing state in the presidential contest, first reported by Human Events Oct. 26. The initial story relied on sources whose identities Human Events agreed to protect.

Now, Central Ohio residents Mike Neutzling, Alicia Healy, and Bill MacCaughey, interviewed on camera, explain the troubling activities they observed in Columbus, Ohio’s Franklin County early voting center on Morse Road.

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Mike Neutzling, a Columbus resident who is a Republican volunteer at the voting center, claims he saw a “mass influx of people who were being herded in by what appeared to be union operatives with union transportation.” Furthermore, he explains, “Some people did not appear to have English as a first language. … People were helping them vote. … Do you suppose they’re all citizens?” Neutzling confirms that the poll workers cannot and will not check your photo identification.

Another Republican volunteer, Alicia Healy, confirms Neutzling’s concerns. In addition, she specifies that Democrat volunteers are “too aggressive.” Healy also confirms people arriving at the polling center in groups. “(Voters) got off the vans, and, they were handed their, I guess they talked to them a little bit about who to vote for, they got their Democratic ballot, and then they just kinda marched in in a line. There were sometimes 15 of them. If they’ve been doing that all this time, that’s pretty interesting.”

Healy also references Obama for America’s having bussed students from The Ohio State University to this polling center when President Obama spoke at OSU within the past couple of weeks. Since then, the Ohio Republican Party has filed an official complaint against the Obama campaign for providing food and transportation to these people.

Bill MacCaughey is a volunteer with the Romney campaign handing out Republican sample ballots to those who want them. “The day I voted on Tuesday … I was seeing carloads and vanloads piling out of the car, you know, from who knows where. Just made me wonder where they’re coming from to vote.” He was most concerned when he “came in to the building and we saw Somali immigrants … some of them could not speak English. It just made me wonder if it was all on the up and up here.”

The fourth person to be interviewed, whose face is off camera, is a non-partisan poll observer at the Morse Road voting center. “I noticed two Somalian men with an older, grandmotherly type Somalian woman, in the voting booth. … The one that took her to the voting place, that was there with her, was pointing to each candidate and telling her to press the button.” She also confirms claims made by others. Furthermore, she said that Democrat volunteers were “within the 100 foot line … beyond where they were supposed to be, asking if I would please … take a Democrat slate card.”

As we explained in the Oct 26 story, in the state of Ohio, all political activities must occur outside of a 100 foot circle drawn with a yellow line on the pavement of the parking lot at the early voting center pictured in the video above. One testimonial cites that political activity is occurring within the polling place itself, and another cites that there may have been intimidation occurring before Republican volunteers began manning the polling place. Others explain that they have not seen any political activity inside the 100 foot line since the Republican volunteers had arrived.

There is nothing illegal about people being taken to the polls in groups, by unions or otherwise, unless they are somehow being paid to vote. Although, if someone from a certain political party is driving you to vote, hands you their slate card and walks you in to the polling place, you may be more easily persuaded to vote for that person’s party.

The question that many are asking is how these residents can be citizens if they do not speak English. According to the U.S. Citizenship Guide, one must speak English in order to become a citizen, and be tested in civics, history and other questions in English. Why, then, would an English speaker need to have an interpreter? This is not to question the poll workers or the individuals operating the early voter center; rather, it is a question of Ohio law, and why Ohio law allows for citizens, who are supposed to have to speak English, to have an interpreter. This seems to leave the voting process more open for intimidation and fraud.

In addition, it is illegal, of course, for an interpreter to actually tell someone how to vote — not just the technicalities of the voting machine, but for whom the voter should vote. The fourth person in the video claims to have seen an interpreter showing someone which candidates to select. Of course, if this person does not speak English, is driven to the polls by Democrat operatives, handed a Democrat slate card, and then shown by an interpreter how to vote for that slate card, is that voter really voting out of his or her own free will? It does not matter whether the person is a Somali-born citizen, or any other ethnicity or heritage. The important factor here is protecting the integrity of the voting process so that only citizens are voting, and so that they are voting one time in their legal place of residence, and for whom they wish to vote. It would seem that the law leaves people vulnerable to being taken advantage of by political operatives, as may be the case at this Morse Road polling center.

We are also interested to know whether the Ohio Secretary of State’s office can do anything to follow-up on this matter, and if so, what they can and will do. Two voice mails and one email to the office since Saturday were not returned by the time this report was published.

This story continues to develop, and we will have additional follow-up stories posted this week.

Sara Marie Brenner, a special correspondent for Human Events, is a member of the Powell, Ohio City Council and blogs about politics at the Brenner Brief.
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Re: Video: Witnesses in Ohio discuss potential voter fraud
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The Just-Us department is going to get right on this matter, correct?
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