Author Topic: Media Attempting Obama “Comeback Kid” Storyline – Will It Work?  (Read 598 times)

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With the media fully engaged in minute by minute updates of Hurricane Sandy as it creeps across the East Coast of the United States, some odd shifts in polling data appears to be suggesting Barack Obama, with ample help from his Mainstream Media allies, is attempting a political “comeback kid” scenario.  Will it work?

This headline has now already been regurgitated by various other media sources – almost all of them indicating the race is now tightening once again – Romney’s momentum has slowed while Obama support appears to be once again on the rise.
Oh really?
The Washington Post then goes on to state the candidates are virtually tied on the issue of taxes and health care?  Taxes and healthcare?  No mention is made in the Post’s summary of their own poll regarding this question they posed to potential voters – or the results:


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