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I'm an Optimist, Not a Fatalist [Rush Limbaugh]
« on: October 25, 2012, 04:37:01 PM »
I'm an Optimist, Not a Fatalist
October 25, 2012


RUSH: So I took a gander at the Rush 24/7 e-mail.  I'm stunned at how fatalistic people are.  I am stunned at how negative, defeatist, and -- you wouldn't believe the number of people, "Rush, she's right. You don't have a ground game to keep up with their fraud.  You gotta tell people to get out there every day."  What have I been doing?

You ever heard of FreedomWorks?  The Freedom Connector?  How many times, I practically say it in my sleep, you want to do more than vote, you want to -- people always ask this -- how many times have I talked about this?  You want to do more than vote, you want to answer phones, you want to get together with people in your neighborhood, in your community who want to do more, you want to find out who they are, go to the FreedomWorks website,  Largest Tea Party group out there, doing everything they can to get people involved.

I have told people repeatedly, when you see somebody standing in line the grocery store, somebody you don't know, tell 'em to vote, tell 'em who to vote for, tell 'em why.  I just happen to believe that optimism is a much better way to inspire and motivate people than fatalism is.  I can just tell you this.  When I'm around a bunch of defeated fatalists I turn it off and I run the other way.  I don't want any part of it. I don't want to even talk to them.  I don't want them dragging me down to wherever it is they live.  How did Ronald Reagan motivate?  Yeah, he was constantly negative, constantly fatalistic, he was always warning people.  The thing about Reagan, he was optimistic, he had good cheer.

"Yeah, well, these are different times, Rush."

Yeah, they're different times, they're our times.  But there are certain aspects of human nature that don't change.  I'm also not gonna look good news in the face and not believe it.  I just don't do this.  I'm not a person who is afraid of success.  I never have been.  I'm not somebody that says that success happening to me is not deserved and then proceed to destroy it.  I'm also not dishonest.  So I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that I think all is lost until I think it is.

But I tell you, reading some of the e-mail, I can't believe how many people think it's over, we have no choice, because of all the fraud, because of the media, because how much they're gonna cheat, the Democrats are so much better than we are, the Republican establishment's not in the game, they don't care, it's only the Tea Party.  How did 2010 happen?  There was nobody organizing anything in 2010.  How did it happen?  A bunch of people who weren't gonna put up with it anymore.  I think you'd be amazed at the number of self-starters there are in this country.

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