Author Topic: Mitt Romney's gains grow, Obama's total slips on new Rove Electoral Map  (Read 635 times)

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Mitt Romney's gains grow, Obama's total slips on new Rove Electoral Map
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Karl Rove's analysis of this week's Electoral Map changes:

"Mitt Romney gained ground in three out of the four states that changed status in this week's Electoral College map.

"Missouri moved to 'safe' Romney, and Oregon and Minnesota moved from 'safe' Obama to 'lean' Obama.

"Connecticut moved from 'lean' to 'safe' Obama, but its seven Electoral College votes were neutralized by Oregon's and Minnesota's shifts.

"Mr. Romney now stands at 169 'safe' Electoral College votes with three 'lean' states (37 EC votes), while Barack Obama is down to 184 'safe' EC votes and four 'lean' states (53 EC votes).

"The number of 'toss up' states is unchanged at eight (95 EC votes). But Mr. Romney continued to strengthen his position, especially in New Hampshire, Florida, and Virginia."

Background: We launched a special new feature in this column in August. Now through election day we'll publish the famous electoral map of the presidential race designed and researched by veteran political strategist Karl Rove.

It is a custom-made 50 state-by-state breakdown of the race at this moment in time, based upon the latest polls from each state. (Scroll down for Rove's full methodology.)

This new feature comes thanks to special permission from Rove, whose website is and Twitter handle is @KarlRove. We recommend following him and regularly checking his website, which contains a variety of information on the presidential contest, polls and other links, including his Wall Street Journal columns.

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