Author Topic: Takeaways from tonight… (From GOP, Twitter Responses)  (Read 748 times)

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Takeaways from tonight… (From GOP, Twitter Responses)
« on: October 16, 2012, 11:18:50 PM »
Team Obama spun all day that the president would have a clear, concise answer for what a second term would look like. We didn’t get that tonight.  Instead he was overly aggressive, it didn’t play well with women, and the Obama campaign knows it.

With each answer Governor Romney consistently came back to his vision for the future and how he’s going to create jobs and turn our country around as president. He also held Obama accountable for his broken promises from 2008. Whether it was Libya or gun rights, President Obama’s record doesn’t stand-up to scrutiny.

Video of Mitt: The President has tried – his policies haven’t worked.


@BuzzFeedBen: Romney did, again, come away looking like a guy who could be president, which is probably the most important thing.


@SalenaZitoTrib: So all the Obama people did was spin all day about how he would talk about what he would do for his next four years. Never. Once. Happened.


@StuPolitics: …and Obama doesn’t address the final question either. He misses the point too….


@MarcACaputo: Romney got a few jabs in there, noting Obama has investments in China. Obama changes topic


@JoshMcElveen :@MittRomney is bubbling with confidence. Every question. Right or wrong. @Obama2012 isn’t getting the toe hold he’s looking for.. Yet.


@MarcACaputo: Libya. Bad topic for Obama. Suddenly, the audience doesn’t seem so liberal


@stephenfhayes: Pres Obama has failed to answer several questions tonight — more evasive than usual. But the dodge on Libya was especially bad.


@CNNSitRoom: Undecided voters didn’t like it when Obama interrupted Romney. #CNNDebate

@Jheil: “Obama hasn’t really answered on Libya. Why? No good answer.”


@EWErickson Obama has absolutely no answer for this man on Libya, but says he’ll take responsibility.


@DaveWeigel: Still have no idea what Obama does in the second term.


@Amyewalter: Agree RT @jmartpolitico: ….And Mitt takes q from Obama voter and runs with it quite nicely”


@MarcACaputo: Boom. Boom. Boom. Romney swings back crisply, ticking off unkept promises of Obama from deficits to immigration


@NickConfessore: Quietly effective Romney answer on the last four years. Boom, boom, boom.


@DavidGregory: Style – Romney is conversational. Obama is passionate and feisty but sounds loud for the room.


@ChuckTodd: The battleground states, including CO, IA, OH, FL and VA (WI and NH too). all VERY pro-gun. That’s why POTUS ducked more reg Q


@jonathanweisman: Romney finds some mojo: “The middle class is being crushed under the policies of a president who doesnt understand how the economy works”


@adamnagourney: Romney’s strongest argument:  Obama “speaks” great. “But we have a record to look at.”


@ChuckTodd: While that Q was a gift to Obama; Romney playing his best card on this front; his record on appointing women is impressive

@SamFeistCNN: Look at CNN Focus Group: Women love Romney’s answer on pay equity. More than men. #CNNUndecideds

‏@piersmorgan: Romney stronger than Obama on women pay equity. Amazing. #PMTdebate

@Ebrotherton: This Romney answer is pretty good. Thought that women in the workplace was a gimme for Obama but Romney seemed ready for it.

@piersmorgan  Obama’s new aggression may be over-played. I don’t think women voters, in particular, like this kind of thing. #PMTdebate

@ErinBurnett Women liking #romney more tonite than other #cnndebates focus groups. Also like #Obama w/1 notable exception, when he criticized R tax plan

@MarkKnoller: On jobs for women, Romney says he’ll help women get good jobs – by supporting a stronger economy.

@SamFeistCNN: CNN’s Focus group giving Romney high marks on his answer to tax quetsion. #CNNUndecides #CNNDebate

@JoshMcElveen: If its true that performance is more important than policy at this stage. Still slight nod to @MittRomney .. @Obama2012 improved though

@robertcostaNRO Wow, Romney is playing the teacher, and Obama is engaging.


@piersmorgan: My Twitter feed suggests Obama doing much better than last debate, but still not winning.#PMTdebate


@RichLowry great energy answer from Romney


@MichaelScherer: Obama says he is for coal. America’s coal companies disagree unanimously. They differ on clean air legislation.


@DonnaBrazile: Key question from Mr Jones: Disappointment.
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Re: Takeaways from tonight… (From GOP, Twitter Responses)
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2012, 11:24:02 PM »
Thanks Ab....I love seeing what the pundits have to say in real time...

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