Author Topic: Embassy Security in Libya was a Casualty of the Liberal Worldview  (Read 582 times)

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Embassy Security in Libya was a Casualty of the Liberal Worldview
October 10, 2012


RUSH:  Here's Eric Nordstrom, he was one of the first witnesses from the State Department before the congressional committee today, and right here, folks, is the problem with the liberal worldview.

NORDSTROM:  Our long-term security plan in Libya was to deploy an armed, locally hired Libyan body guard unit.  Due to Libyan political sensitivities, armed private security companies were not allowed to operate in Libya.  That was the case under Khadafy and that was the case under the free Libya.

RUSH:  So we simply said, "Okay, cool, we're not allowed to have any armed American personnel protecting our ambassador at our consulate?  Cool.  We understand that.  We'll hire one of your people.  We'll hire a bodyguard for the ambassador," and that's what they did.  And you know the story now, don't you?  There was a safe house.  This is part of the plan.  If ever there is a threat or some unrest aimed at people in our consulate, there's a safe house location.  There's an escape route, escape plan, and you take all the important personnel at the embassy or consulate to the safe house, which happened.  The problem is that this bodyguard that we hired told the mob where they took the ambassador.

The Libyan bodyguard or series of them that we hired then told the mob how to go find the ambassador, which they did, and what they did to him was not pretty.  He wasn't just killed.  He was raped and tortured.

Well, what is this private security business?  Why not the Marines?  What are you talking about Blackwater for?  Why can't you just go out and position some Marines there?  It was okay for the US to send in US pilots to help Libya get rid of Khadafy.  This is absurd.  This is right there, one of the myriad problems, the liberal worldview.  "Oh, you don't want us to have any?  Oh, okay.  Okay."  Here's Elizabeth Palmer, CBS This Morning.  This is a portion of her report about the State Department saying there was no protest before the attack.

PALMER:  The ambassador and another American took refuge in the sleeping quarters of the main building which lay behind a heavy steel door that was double locked with barred windows all around.  The attackers entered the building, and unable to get past the gate, sprayed diesel fluid all around and lit a fire.  Thick smoke inside the main building forced the Americans to try to leave.  First, the security agent, probably through this window with the bars by then removed.  The other two, including the ambassador, didn't follow.  But at that stage the smoke was so dense, the agent couldn't return.  Later, other security personnel did try, but failed to find Chris Stevens.  And it was only hours later that his body was pulled out of that same window by a crowd.

RUSH:  The security agent she refers to there is the bodyguard that Eric Nordstrom just talked about, "the security agent."  The mob knew where they all were.  That's the story.



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Re: Embassy Security in Libya was a Casualty of the Liberal Worldview
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