Author Topic: Chris Christie predicts ‘a mean and angry’ Obama in next two debates  (Read 447 times)

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Jeff Poor
8:16 AM 10/10/2012

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the man who correctly predicted that Mitt Romney would win big at the last presidential debate, told radio talker Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday that expects see a “mean and angry” President Obama at the next two debates.

“Here’s what happened — the president went into that debate unprepared and thought he was going to be swinging at a heavy bag,” Christie said of the last debate. “And he found out that Gov. Romney has arms and he was going to hit back. And the president has been hit and he’s been bloodied for the first time in his political career, and he doesn’t know how to take it.

“The fact is that there’s going to be more of that to come. And the reason for that is because his record is so lousy,” Christie continued. “And you know what Gov. Romney did last Wednesday was just stand up and tell the truth. He told the truth about the president’s record. And you know I don’t know what the president was doing staring down at that pad the entire time.

“I think he was hoping for magical ink to come off to give him some explanation for his record for the last four years,” Chrisite added. “But it’s not going to come up. There are no magical answers for the president.”

And that response is what led host Hugh Hewitt, author of “The Brief Against Obama: The Rise, Fall & Epic Fail of the Hope & Change Presidency,” to ask Christie what we should expect in the next debates.

“I think the president’s going to need at least two or three Red Bulls before the next one, just to make sure he’s awake,” Christie said. “And then from there, he’s going to come out and he’s going to be mean. You know, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. He’s teeing that up. He’s saying, ‘You know, I was too nice the last time.’”

“So I think you’re going to see a mean and angry president in the next two debates, and Gov. Romney will be Gov. Romney. I mean, that’s a strength of Gov. Romney. He’s going to be who he is. He’s comfortable with who he is and the positions he’s taking, and he’s just going to express those to the American people in the same calm and hopeful manner that he did last Wednesday night. And I think the public is going to respond very well to that.”

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Unless he lies through his teeth (which I'm counting on) he can't defend his foreign policy record. 

He's gonna come off as a psychopath. 

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I hope he - Obama - goes for the jugular; the meaner the better at this point because it'll simply make him look like a rabid, cornered animal, frothing at the mouth and lashing out at anyone he can.  It will mean that Romney most likely won't thump him quite as badly as he did the first time - certainly the rabid left will have some talking points and zingers of their own they can crow about, the 47% comment comes immediately to mind - but if Obama is true to form he will do more to further turn off the squishies (undecideds, indies and moderates) than he will convince them that he's correct.

As for Romney, I think he'll handle himself well enough that it won't be a draw; Romney will take the prize home again, even if only by a nose.
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