Author Topic: 10 Reasons Public School Teachers and Unions are Failing Children and Bankrupting America  (Read 1267 times)

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California has both statewide and local propositions, to raise taxes in order to protect public employee fat pensions.

A ton of public union money opposes all such measures.

Public employee unions are the single biggest campaign contributor, in most cases.

In reform leading Costa Mesa, Councilman Righeimer was followed by a private investigator. The investigator worked for a law firm, which in turn was working for a group of public employee unions. (Teachers, police, fire etc.)

Righeimer's offense against the public employees:  He wants them to contribute more to their own pensions, which are - retire as young as 50 with as much as 90% of final pay.

These government elites are taking far more than "their fair share" thanks to liberals, democrats, Republicans who go along to get along (and get campaign contributions)..
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