Author Topic: Plouffe to Reporters: Taste My Sour Grapes by Keith Koffler  (Read 463 times)

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Plouffe to Reporters: Taste My Sour Grapes by Keith Koffler
« on: October 05, 2012, 10:49:42 AM »

Plouffe to Reporters: Taste My Sour Grapes

by Keith Koffler on October 4, 2012, 5:23 pm

Obviously bitter about President Obama’s losing performance in Wednesday night’s debate, senior White House political adviser David Plouffe today repeatedly called Gov. Mitt Romney a liar.

I’ve never heard so much whining and or seen such unprofessional bad form from a top presidential campaign official. And the bar for that sort of stuff is pretty low.

There must be some real nervousness in the Obama camp, because they’re now simply flinging epithets. It’s thoroughly undignified, though not terribly surprising coming out of this White House .

Plouffe spoke to reporters today aboard Air Force One. From the pool report:

    “The remarkable thing was that the centerpiece of his campaign, and of his economic strategy, he tried to pretend didn’t exist last night.”

    Plouffe said that was evidence of Romney’s “dishonesty.”

    “One of things we’re going to have to adjust to is that dishonesty,” he said.

    “It’s hard to remember a time in American politics where you had someone who’s a major nominee for the presidency, being that fundamentally dishonest toward parts of his campaign platform.”

    Plouffe repeated his sense of amazement that Romney said he didn’t have $5 trillion tax cut . . .

    “Romney’s performance was one that’s probably unprecedented in its dishonesty,” he said . . .

    “We are obviously going  to have to adjust for the fact of Mitt Romney’s dishonesty.”

Plouffe called Romney’s performance “theatrically aggressive” but then contradicted himself, saying, ”We expected an aggressive Mitt Romney. That’s who he is.”

Awww, Mitt is one of those aggressive types, is he? Not what you want in a president, I guess.

“He performed better than people expected,” said Plouffe, “because recent history would suggest he might start off by insulting half the country.”

Snippy. Apparently the captain of Air Obama isn’t used to a little flight turbulence.

Plouffe, just prepare your guy better next time and stop insulting yourself by calling the GOP presidential nominee a liar.
 The Romney campaign should be encouraged that the Obama people seem so rattled. They may start to make mistakes.

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Re: Plouffe to Reporters: Taste My Sour Grapes by Keith Koffler
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2012, 11:02:30 AM »
And that, folks, is all the democrats have left:  hatred, hatred, envy and lies.  They have no ideas, they have no clue about what government can do to help the country and its citizens help themselves (which is, for the most part, to get out of the way), so they will resort to all they have left, hatred, envy and lies.

Meanwhile, Mr. Romney did a superlative job on Wednesday showing that he's a leader and that he has fresh ideas and fresh policies for how to go about helping the country to help itself get out of the malaise the democrats have so significantly contributed to.
I won't vote for Clinton, but I cannot vote for Trump.  How could I explain to my daughter why I supported a man who sees her as nothing more than a piece of meat, a piece of a$$ for him to grope for his own private pleasure.

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