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Sgt Maj Chandler Dismisses Concerns About Insider Attacks
« on: October 04, 2012, 08:38:31 PM »
Army guy shows up at a war
October 4th, 2012

The Stars & Stripes writes about Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler who visited and took questions from the members of the 3rd Stryker Bridgade, 2nd Infantry Division in Zangabad, Afghanistan. the soldiers seemed as concerned as the rest of us about being shot by their “allies” in the Afghanistan National Army and the Afghanistan National Police, but Chandler was a bit dismissive of their concerns;

    “With all the green on blues, why are we still doing joint patrols (with Afghan troops)?” one soldier asked.

    “I would assume we are still doing it because that’s what command tells you,” Chandler said. “What should we do?”

    “Not patrol with the Afghanis (sic),” the soldier said.

    As the Army’s top enlisted soldiers, matters of morale are at the heart of Chandler’s job and nothing has been more deflating to troops than the prospect of being shot in the back by their supposed allies.

    Another Zangabad soldier voiced concerns the attacks were coming on orders from up high.

    “Is Big Army doing any investigation to see if this is deliberate within the (Afghan National Army) command?” he said.

    Chandler acknowledged the attacks are a dire threat and said the Pentagon has been sending additional intelligence and criminal investigation experts to Afghanistan to help stop the attacks. With international combat troops set to leave at the end of 2014, giving way to a smaller advisory force, trust between the coalition and the Afghan security forces is crucial.

    “Overall there is a sense of a lack of trust, but you’ve got to rebuild that relationship and I have a lot of confidence in these guys,” Chandler said.

Yeah, if I didn’t have to go out on patrol with them, I’d say I have confidence with “these guys”, too.

Speaking of green-on-blue “insider” attacks, maybe someone can ask the good Sergeant Major why it took five days to release the name of Sergeant First Class Daniel Metcalf, that soldier who was killed in the incident back on September 29th which we discussed. yeah, it just went up this morning. Names of 3 soldiers who were killed on October 1st were released yesterday. And how’s that investigation going into whether insurgents instigated that particular September 29th incident?

The article doesn’t say whether he did or not, but I hope Chandler lectured the troops on how tattoos reduce their combat effectiveness.

Updated: I guess they’d have to release SFC Metcalf’s name today since it’s also the day of his funeral. I guess he was a homeboy, too. I lived in Macedon for awhile and began kindergarten there a few years back.
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