Author Topic: Sunday’s murder in Afghanistan--Seeking the Truth About the Attack  (Read 350 times)

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Sunday’s murder in Afghanistan
October 2nd, 2012
John Lilyea (This Ain't Hell)

So, I’ve been getting inquiries about the article I wrote the other day about the “insider” murder of two Americans. Yesterday, we read the report from the New York Times. We heard from military sources that our account wasn’t “entirely” true. Today, the Washington Post supports the story told us by someone on the scene;

    Two days after the U.S. military resumed joint operations with Afghan security forces last week following a spate of “insider attacks,” a platoon of American soldiers stopped at an Afghan army checkpoint in a volatile eastern province.

    The Americans had a cordial conversation and cracked a few jokes with their Afghan comrades during the Saturday afternoon patrol in Wardak province. The Afghans offered the Americans tea. Then, according to a U.S. military official, an Afghan soldier, without warning or provocation, raised his weapon and opened fire — mortally wounding the senior American on the patrol.

    In a war in which insider attacks have become commonplace, what happened next made the incident extraordinary, the American official said. Another Afghan soldier at the checkpoint opened fire on the Americans, killing a U.S. civilian contractor and wounding two other American soldiers. Soon, Afghan soldiers and possibly insurgents began firing at the Americans from several directions.

I got an inquiry from Congress late last night. They wanted to know my source and I refused to give it. But it seems to me that Congress should be asking their questions of the Pentagon. Mostly, they should ask why they’re hearing about a unit of Afghans attacking an American patrol from a military blogger before they hear about it from the DoD.

Here’s another question for them to ask; why were all of the US patrols in that area pulled back on Sunday? I hear it’s because they were worried that there were several rogue Afghan units out to blast at American patrols. And I also hear they have intelligence that supports their fears.

As far as I can tell, the NOK of the two US casualties hasn’t been notified yet, because I can’t find their names anywhere, but I’ve verified my source by checking the names of the casualties in AKO. The names haven’t been released by DoD yet.

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