Author Topic: Meme of the Day: Forget the Bad Economy, It's All Over Because of the Clinton Bump  (Read 598 times)

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Meme of the Day: Forget the Bad Economy, It's All Over Because of the Clinton Bump
September 28, 2012


RUSH: You know what the meme of the day is today?  "It's over."  It's over, and the reason it's over is the Clinton bump.  All of the polls that show... There's another poll out.  I don't know which one it is.  There's another poll out that shows at least half if not more than half of the country think Obama's better suited to deal with the economy than Romney.

And the reason why this is the case is the Clinton bump from the convention, and the Clinton bump from the Democrat convention is this (impression): "There is nobody who could have fixed this, not even I. There is nobody who coulda done any better than what Barack Obama has done. This was such a mess.  There isn't a single president that's alive or dead that coulda done any better. And I'm gonna tell you right now:

"There's nobody that cares more than Barack Obama. He's working as hard as I ever worked to get this done for you, and he's going to do it if you just give him more time."  That's the Clinton bump, and that is said to have worked.  Steven Hayes of the Weekly Standard was on Fox this morning.  He said that the polls indicate that most people believe Clinton when he said that nobody coulda done any better than Obama has done in reviving the economy. They think he works hard.

The Democrat convention worked, because the message from Michelle Obama and everybody else was, "Boy, this guy works hard because he cares," and that worked.  Tom Brokaw said it's gonna take a UFO for Romney to win.  So that's the meme of the day, and then I got an e-mail last night. Subject line: "So How Do We Explain This?" It's early voting out of Iowa.  And here's the ratio.  According to I think it was the Des Moines Register, 100,000 Democrats have early voted and 6,000 Republicans.

So the indication there is that the Democrats are far more enthusiastic than anybody knows, and the Republicans don't care, and the reason the Republicans don't care is that Romney's campaign isn't exciting anybody.  That's the theme for the day.  That's the media theme. That's the narrative or what have you.  That's what's out there.

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