Author Topic: Thud. Obama’s Convention Bounce Hits Bottom – Even Carter Had Better Lead in 1980  (Read 565 times)

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Thud. Obama’s Convention Bounce Hits Bottom – Even Carter Had Better Lead in 1980
Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, September 18, 2012, 2:35 PM
Thud. The Obama bounce hits bottom.

Barack Obama dropped three points over the weekend.

The Hill reported:

    President Obama’s small bounce in the polls following the Democratic National Convention has all but vanished in Tuesday’s Gallup daily tracking poll.

    Obama takes 47 percent support among registered voters over Romney’s 46, according to the poll.

    Obama’s lead widened to 7 points in the days following the Charlotte, N.C., convention earlier this month, but Tuesday’s data show the race returning the level where it’s been throughout most of the contest.

    Prior to the conventions, Gallup’s poll had been almost completely static, with each candidate averaging 46 percent since May.

    The president’s approval rating also dipped back below 50 percent for the first time since the convention.

Even back in 1980, Gallup had Jimmy Carter up over Ronald Reagan by 4 points in mid to late September… And, Carter was up 8 points in October. In fact there was a published Gallup poll showing Carter up six among likely voters in a poll conducted Oct. 24 to 27.
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It is true, in the general public no one thought Reagan was going to win until he did.
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Dead cat bounce.
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